Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wurds...And We're Back!

Welcome back to the blog! I hope it was missed. It was, right? Right? It's been about a year since there's been a new post, but that doesn't mean I stopped writing. Far from it. Amidst directing a short film, writing scripts, and publishing stories on North by Northwestern, I've still managed to amass a collection of fiction, just waiting to be broadcast to the world. Well wait no longer, my tales; you are now free.

In other words, I'm relaunching the blog! I won't give an exact end date, but I can tell you that you should check back every Tuesday for at least the next 4 months. Yes, that's right. More than 16 new works of fiction, poems, or general absurdity. Starting...now.

Spelling mistakes cause me to be mad,
A missing letter makes a happy day sad.
I before E except after C,
But people don’t follow this sacred decree.
Not all our English grammar rules are weird.
Or is that wierd?  How should it have appeared?
There are only twenty-six letters in all;
Still, our inept spelling will bring our fall.
They mix and match symbols at their own whim,
Their care for spelling is lacking in vim.
Please remember to cross your tall Ts,
Or else we’ll see leaves fall off of the lrees.
An extra G here, a leftover Y there,
Yet no one at all seems to really care.
We had bees last year, but now they are bheez;
These inane mistakes make me bend at the knees.
The only solution is to not write,
But this will not shed the tunnel with light.
I guess we must accept the lack of spelling:
Gud knite tu yoo, Iyle stoughp alle mye yeghleng.

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