Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alphabet Spaghetti

This is my first post that definitely gets classified under "Other Nonsense."  I had to uphold the blog's name!  This...prose, I guess...came from a challenge to myself to write a story where each sentence only uses alliteration with one letter, going through the entire alphabet.  And I was successful!  It does make sense (at least after a few careful reads), but if you need some clarification (or just want to say something), feel free to comment below!  Let the nonsense begin.

Although altruistic, asses are always asking.
  Braying, but bothering back behind barns.  Cold, confused, consternated.  Don’t die, donkeys.  Each eats early.  Figs, fruit, French fries, fritters, fish.  Going, going, gone.  Hello horseradish!  Is it inside intestines?  Just jejunum.  Kryptonite kills.  Lex Luthor left little life likelihood.  Mostly mighty men.  Not naughty neighers.  Otherwise, old oats off.  Passing pretty posy pastures particularly pragmatically pushes purebreds past possibility.  Quinoa quenches quiet quests.  Right, returning….  So, songbirds sing, sissies slap, silkworms spin.  These totally torture two-times-two-toed Trojan tricks.  Upside:  underbellies utilize useful ugliness.  Vexing, valuable.  Woefully, we weep when watching wagon-wheelers whipped.  Xylophone.  Yes, yesterday’s yarn yells, “yield.”  Zounds!


  1. Holy cow. I applaud you, good sir.

  2. I agree; it takes more than one read.