Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mr. McGee

I'm going to take a departure from the short story medium to switch to poetry for my second post.  But not just any type of poetry:  very funny, pretty strange, and definitely fantastical (it's about talking animals...again) poetry.  So without further ado...

Mr. McGee,
He was a flea.
Toodledah oodledah dee

He always knew
Just what to do.
Boogelee doogelee moo

But then one day
He had to pay.
Litteloo nitteloo kay

Mr. VanLoo,
A gnat that flew,
Yuckebee duckebee new

Came to the bay
And had to say,
Tickaloh sickaloh tay

“I’m not a bee,
I hope you see.
Feedledah meedledah tee

Though this is true
I know ‘bout you.
Vibbelah dibbelah soo

McGee you may
Be, yes, but nay
Quibbilee xibbilee way

You’re not the beau
Of Ms. duGogh.
Ziggelah tiggelah no

For he is me,
As it should be!
Ickeloo bickeloo wee

So leave her now
And take your bow,
Gapperah dapperah zow

Or I will be
Your enemy.”
Renetta kenetta hee

McGee the flea
Knew he should flee,
Pepeeya bepeeya jee

But his love grew,
And duGogh knew.
Juggalee duggalee boo

So he said no
To VanLoo, so
Uppalah ruppalah bo

The gnat said “Hey!
Fine, you can stay.”
Foofaloo doofaloo jay

Thus he, McGee,
Married a she;
Tuckelbay muckelbay zee

They’re as happy
As they can be.
Eebaloh deebaloh ree


  1. This is a riot. I laughed so much reading this :D

  2. This is tricky to read out loud. See how fast you can do it.