Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Wish I Could Fly

It's poem time!  And this time it has full rhyme and meter again.  This tale has two endings--almost like a choose your own adventure book--so you can pick which one to read depending on your mood.  Or you can read both!  Whichever suits your fancy.

“I wish I could fly,”
Said the mouse with a sigh.
“I’d jump up so high
And tickle the sky.

I’ll see what it’ll do:
A sneeze or kerchoo?
Perhaps Sky will scream
To loosen some steam.

But how will I rise
Without any lies?
I see with my eyes,
But that’s no surprise.”

So Mouse went to King
To learn to take wing.
He ran with a zing
With nothing to bring.

“Well why have you come?”
Asked King in low hum.
The mouse now felt numb,
And felt somewhat dumb.

But still the mouse asked,
“Your knowledge is vast
And never’s harassed,
So this feels half-assed:

Can mice learn to soar,
Or am I a bore?
Do you know some yore,
To you I implore?”

The King sat and stared,
The Mouse seemed so scared.
“You’re too unprepared,”
He said and declared.

Well Mouse was depressed,
But wanted this quest.
He knew it’s a test,
So couldn’t take rest.

He shook his small fist,
Which wobbled his wrist,
And said, “I’ll resist,
To this I insist.”

Then Mouse went back out
To give Sky a shout:
“I’ll fly there’s no doubt,
I need just one route!”

Mouse’s eyes then did spy
Some tools over nigh.
“These might do it, aye.”
He thought, “Now I’ll fly.”

A bundle of string,
A feather-like thing.
Next up was a ring;
To this he could cling.

“I think I am keen,
Cause this steals the scene:
The most fab machine
I have ever seen!”

He strapped on the wings,
By using the slings.
He cranked up the springs,
Which sounded with “pings.”

Then Mouse climbed a cliff,
Which made his legs stiff.
He took a quick sniff
And caught the wind’s whiff.

“It smells like it’s time,
And I’m in my prime!
With wing moves I’ll mime
And jump on the chime.”

He flapped his arms hard
And checked his canard.
Mouse ran just one yard,
Jumped when the bell jarred.

He started to glide,
With clouds as his guide.
His smile opened wide,
And he felt great pride.

“I really can fly!”
Oh me and oh my!
I see my lanai—
It’s gone, oh bye-bye!”

For minutes Mouse soared;
He surely had scored.
A flying young ward?
The Mouse was so floored.

Sad Ending:
But then the wings stopped,
The Mouse swiftly dropped.
On hard ground he plopped,
His dreams had been popped.

Mice, wings do not mix,
The old king predicts.
They fall down like bricks
With nothing to fix.

So heed this short tale,
And you shall not fail.
To fly?  No avail.
Mice are much too frail.

Happy Ending:
He flew up so high
He could touch the sky.
With nothing awry
He could never die.

Mouse smiled and was glad
For this sight so rad.
He said, “Oh, egad!
Forever I’ll gad!”

If you learn one thing,
It’s to always cling
To hopes that you bring,
And this you shall sing.

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