Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Embedded Poetry #2

Before I introduce this post, I'd like to make an announcement.  Some of my work is being published by North by Northwestern, an online magazine!  I'm very excited, but this does not mean that this blog will receive fewer stories.  Keep coming back every Tuesday for the week's post, and now you can also check NBN's website for more (such as this week's post).

Today's post is a sequel to Embedded Poetry #1.  This is where I write a poem in one style of poetry about another style and then do the reverse.  Happy reading!

Shakespearean Sonnet-Acrostic

Separate from the Petrarchan and
Others, this form has four quatrains
Next to one couplet.  Iambic pentameter is the way,
Never spondee feet.  The last two lines
End the poem with a conclusion about the
Theme, often a profession of love.

Acrostic-Shakespearean Sonnet

This poem form is not that hard at all,
Since kids can often write this form with ease.
First letters spell a secret, hidden word:
A name, or place, or any word you please.
They don’t have rhyme or need a meter type,
The only burden is a clever theme.
If you have that you’re doing well I’d pipe,
Although with some—a poem they don’t deem.
Requirements are for real poetry,
A category it will never fit;
This is an argument with cogency,
So write acrostics, but do not admit.
A line per letter, not too much to ask,
But fame is not something in which you’ll bask.

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