Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Eggman

It's time for another poem!  I don't think this post is as absurd as last week's dialogue...well, it's probably equally as absurd, just in a different way.  Enjoy the rhymes!

The Eggman came to our house to eat one day,
His stomach rumbles just would not go away.
He joined us for breakfast, his favorite meal.
We treated him to free eggs, oh what a deal.

He began the meal with one of his riddles of fame:
“Which came first, the chicken or the egg name?”
We looked at him stumped, unable to answer,
Until my brother asked, “Which one was the dancer?”

A smile came over the Eggman’s white chin,
His shell crackled because of the width of his grin.
“The egg was the dancer,” said he with great mirth.
Then our guest stood up and performed a jig of high worth.

We lauded the visitor with rounds of applause,
As Mister Eggman whirled and twirled and shook his gloved paws.
He whooped and we whopped, he yelped and we yopped;
Oh what a sight was this egg till he flopped.

And that’s just what happened all of a sudden:
The Eggman fell down; he needed a reset button.
But he had no such luck as he split his white shell,
As yolk oozed out of fissures, we knew he was not well.

My mother rushed to the poor, broken fellow,
His screams alerted us that he would not remain mellow.
“It hurts oh so much!” the Eggman exclaimed,
“Please help me quickly, for I have been maimed!”

My baby sister started to fuss and cry,
For even she knew something was awry.
The Eggman fought back his yellow, yolky tears,
Since even in pain he wanted to ease our fears.

Our guest had taken too big of a fall,
And now it didn’t look like he’d make it at all.
So let it be remembered by those small and those big
That the Eggman was always the best at the jig.

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