Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Selfish Shellfish

I may not be able to eat shellfish (allergies), but that can't stop me from writing about them. And I might even throw in a moral or two.

This is a poem
About sea creatures.
Pay attention to
Morals it features.

“You cannot have that,”
The shellfish began.
“For that is all mine,
So don’t steal it, man.”
This scene was the norm
For Stanley the Shrimp.
He might have been small
But he’s not a wimp.
He’d go to great lengths
To not help his friends.
His selfishness knew
No bounds and no ends.

“No” was his answer
For questions like these:
“Can I have a taste
Of your candy, please?”
Or “May you help me
With my math homework?”
Stanley would ignore
And act like a jerk.
His egotism
Would hurt him one day.
Which brings us all now
To the Sea Buffet.

Stanley sat next to
Clarice the Clownfish,
Who was feeling sad
Eating her knish.
She had just been dumped
By Matt Manta Ray;
She needed comfort
To brighten her day.
Unlucky for her,
The shrimp did not care.
She listed her woes;
He fixed her a stare.

When Clarice saw that
Stan had not listened,
Her face grew so long
And her tears glistened.
“Stanley is so mean,”
she shouted to all.
“He cares just for him,
He dares to have gall.
Yes, ‘selfish shellfish’
We shall call this jerk.
Care for others, Stan,
Get rid of that smirk.”

Stanley the shrimp just
Stared straight at Clarice.
“I won’t change my ways,
Cannot, will not cease.”
This attitude won’t
Make him a friend;
All it will do is
Lead to a dead end.
But Stan did not care,
His ego was stoked.
If anything now,
The shrimp felt provoked.

Now the crustacean
Made it his main goal
To not help the fish
And just be a troll.
He popped kids’ balloons
That were in his way.
He cut in all lines.
Why?  He would not say.
Justice must come to
This self-centered shrimp.
He needs to be changed
And given a crimp.

Stan’s fate befell him
On Tuesday that week.
He’d insulted fish
And been a big pique.
At last Lance Lobster
Taught Stan a lesson
At lunch time in the
When eating his ‘wich
Lance saw Stan’s low tip.
He walked to the shrimp
And made a smart quip.

“Your tip fits your size,”
Said Lance to Stanley.
“Don’t compensate for
Not being manly.”
Stan did not expect
To be insulted;
He was so mean but
Nothing resulted.
He opened his mouth
To make a reply,
But nothing came out,
He just gave a sigh.

“Don’t be so selfish,”
Reprimanded Lance.
“If you help others
You’ll make friends, perchance.”
Stanley pondered this
New information.
His paradigms changed:
A new crustacean.
Now to this day Stan
Thinks about others.
He helps the fish and
Cares for their druthers.

The moral of Stan
Is don’t make his bish.
Be like the new shrimp:
Unselfish shellfish.

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