Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Big Book of Poems

Sometimes I think big picture. By that I mean I often wonder what an anthology of my stories and poems would look like. In book form. If I ever make such a collection for poetry, I think this poem could be an excellent introduction. I even have a name in mind, but you'll have to wait for that! Or this might remain as just another fun entry for the blog (which it is, after all)! So enjoy!

A Big Book of Poems is something I want,
One that’s eloquent with no cheeky font.
It can’t be depressing, sad, or morose;
That would make me ill like an ounce of lactose.
I want poetry of rhyming silly words,
Like oogle and zoogle, quords and those zvords.
The readers of these should break into smiles;
No one wants poems of tribulations and trials.
A poem should skip, step, and bounce high.
They shan’t remind us the apocalypse is nigh.
Poems are not meant for serious matters;
For that we have textbooks: they’ll bore you to tatters.
Bards should be respected for their fine word craft,
But only if they can prove they are not daft.
What proof is needed? What is required?
A simple poem that brings laughs is desired.
Only these poets and their work will be found
In my Big Book of Poems I’ll carry around.

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