Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten 10 Word Stories

Who wants more nonsense?  Here is a brief collection of even briefer stories.  Some are based solely on word play, and others are just silly concepts.  Happy reading--it won't take you long.

I threw a throat through the throes though I thought it through.

Angry Martians found the rover.  Now there is no rover.

Perfect perennial periwinkles perish when permafrost periodically perturbs permanent residences.

A tumbling tumbler tumbles down the mountain.  Too much tumbling.

The meek inherited the earth, thanks to estate tax loopholes.

Chopsticks chop chop suey.  Food puns never tasted so good.

Hip hippie hippos shake their hips while listening to hip-hop.

Headline News:  woman who swallowed flies back from the dead.

Ten tendons tense as tenacious tenants tenderly tender tenderloins.

The censors will not allow me to print this story.

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