Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Littering Litter

There's no better way to start off a new year than with a poem based around a pun title.  Because puns are the best.  Enough said.

You better watch out for the littering litter,
They throw trash on the ground then scamper and skitter.
Each kitten is surely a ruthless delinquent,
Tossing away garbage even if it’s clinquant.
With a spiteful meow they dump over the trash cans;
They can’t enter shops due to their long list of bans.
These kitty cats might seem so mighty nice and cute,
But honestly each cat in the litter’s a brute.
In the park, the lake, on the street, or the beach,
The trash goes on the ground no matter what we preach.
The puppies don’t understand the cats’ bad hobby;
When asked about their actions the cats get snobby.
The cops try to chase them every day and all night,
But seeing scattered trash gives the police a fright.
They’re the ultimate gang of petty public crime;
They look so innocent they’ve avoided jail time.
Now why would cats throw garbage in public spaces?
Perhaps they’re mad and suffer from anger cases.
Littering is such a rude thing for cats to do,
The fact that they’re bad citizens is surely true.
If you see the gang of kittens throw away trash,
Be sure to catch them and give each cat a good thrash.
We can’t let the litters get away with litter;
Don’t leave your cats alone, go find them a sitter.

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