Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Count Up

This is my 99th week and 99th post.  Therefore, this post is gearing up for a very special post (and announcement) next week.  But in the meantime, please enjoy my numerical musings.

1.  The first of anything is always a momentous event.  Not because anything special necessarily happened, but because it’s supposedly the first (though that’s nearly impossible) time it’s occurred.

2.  A prime number.  Not as lonely as its name makes it sound.

10.  A milestone.  If there were a stone placed every mile around the earth, there would be 24,901 stones.  That’s a lot of rocks.

13.  Buildings that skip this floor don’t deserve to be that tall.  They also don’t deserve to exist.  Anything that tries to change the natural order of the number system for its own benefits is awfully conceited.  And confused.

15.  For more information, see 75.

28.  Is a silly number.  It doesn’t accomplish anything.

31.  Is just a confused 13.

32.  Tries to help reorient 31, but can never manage it.

42.  The meaning of this number is not, and will never be, clear.  The weather’s just too foggy.

49.  Almost there…Just a bit farther…I think I can…

50.  We’re now over the hill.  The climb is over, so everything is easy from here on.  That’s what that means, right?

51.  Please watch your step on the way down.

64.  If you factor in all its factors, you get a lot of personality traits.

65.  Is jealous of 64 and its good looks, charming character, and go-getter attitude.

75.  With this many cents, you can’t buy anything.  But at one point, you could see 15 movies for that price.  What a bargain.

88.  Is in love with itself.  Can you blame it?  Look at those curves.

90.  We’re almost there.  To what?  No one knows.

98.  Is just slightly less silly than 28.  It constantly reminds 28 of this fact.

99.  Quite a large number.  But it often gets overshadowed by

100.  A century.  A lifetime.  A story.  Or lots of stories.

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