Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Third Dimension

3-D movies are all the craze.  No matter your opinion on the medium, you can't deny the fact that they're rampaging across our screens.  But 3-D books?  That's another matter.

If books were written in 3-D,
A silly fad they all would be.
Words would leap off every page
And build around you like a cage.
They’d zoom and zig and zag and zap
Then bop you hard right in the cap.
Reading books would be perilous,
But publishers would act querulous.
Would a boulder racing off the sheet
Make an experience much more neat?
Or would it just get in the way
Of reading a fine word display?
Would letters popping right off the page
Advance the plot in the modern age?
Or would the added dimension
Hinder your reading retention?
I think written 3-D fiction
Will not make any addiction.
At best seeing it will hurt our heads
As we lay reading in our warm beds.

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