Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spelling Bea

This poem may be one of the most challenging (for both the reader and myself) things I've written so far, so I'm excited to share it!  Throughout the poem, I've used the past 31 winning words from the National Spelling Bee.  Warning: dictionary may be required.

Hello all,
My name is Bea.
I like to spell
As you’ll soon see.

First I’ll share an anecdote
About my parents and little me.
It happened on last Purim
When I suffered from staphylococci.

Mother asked me, “What is wrong?
Do you have an odontalgia,
Or is it just psoriasis
Curable with anesthesia?”

“It’s neither, mom” I replied back,
“Though I like your medical knowledge.
But just give me an antipyretic:
I have an infection, please acknowledge.”

After treatment, I’m pleased to say,
I could enjoy the festive milieu.
I got to dress up as the king,
And I’m curious, how about you?

I should tell you I’m in third grade,
And I go to school without a fuss.
I have lots of freckles and blue eyes
And they say I’m cymotrichous.

I’m autochthonous of Illinois,
But my planned démarche is to leave;
I have the prospicience to know
That somewhere else I can achieve.

My favorite place from history
Is not antediluvian.
It is Aristotle’s Lyceum,
The perfect place of learning to be in.

I’ve started painting as a hobby
In the chiaroscurist’s style,
But my preferred pastime is the luge,
A kamikaze run down a snowy mile.

I have a second story to share,
One that’s elegiacal and morose.
But I won’t be a spoliator
And tell you which parts are gross.

Last week in our bio lab
We got to dissect two frogs.
One was stiff as a sarcophagus,
But the other could still hop on logs.

When my lab partner Becky had left
(She’s pococurante at best),
I snatched the breathing amphibian
And gave a vivisepulture in a nest.

(Isn’t that such a euonym?
I can’t think of a better name.
It fits its Ursprache so nicely,
It puts “appoggiatura” to shame.)

Though we had to give it blood tests—
I would use the stromuhr
While Becky held the serrefine—
I couldn’t harm or kill it, either/or.

Now the other frog, the dead one,
Had xanthosis of the skin.
All the girls screamed in disgust,
But I just dug right in.

That was my last yarn (not of fibranne)
That I have to share with you now.
For me writing is a succedaneum
And a guerdon that brings me close to Tao.

I hope you enjoyed my poem,
It took much thought to elucubrate.
I’m sorry if I showed logorrhea,
But more of these I shall soon create.

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