Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Life and Times of Gompers McGee

Today feels like a poetic kind of day. So out of generosity and courtesy, here's a poem for you, dear reader. Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Is this poem related to 2011's 'Mr. McGee?'" Maybe it is, or maybe I have some strange authorial predilection to the surname McGee. You (and I) may never know.

Gompers McGee was a fellow like me;
He traveled the coast, from ocean to sea.
Oh the wonders he saw when he was abroad,
Dancers and musicians he would applaud.
He’d find bushes of silver and gold-lined trees.
Sights like these would bring him down to his knees.

The traveler wanted to know all that he could,
So he might put his experience to good.
Gompers pictured a utopia for all,
Where you and I could always have a ball.
But to get to this goal, he needed some help,
For still in mind he was much a young whelp.

McGee needed an assistant or two;
That’s why he asked me:  he knew what I could do.
He knew the sea, and I knew the maps,
Yet still our info had too many gaps.
We scouted for explorers who would fit
Into our troupe, and assist us a bit.

After much searching, we found two fine men.
They knew the world like the ink knows its pen.
We joined Waxlax and ol’ Kranwinkle, too;
Never had you seen a more motley crew.
So Kranwinkle, Waxlax, Gompers, and I
Left the seaport with a twinkle in eye.

Where would we go?  And what would we see?
Adventuring was our straightforward decree.
Our fine ship turned hard to the starboard
(That’s right for you who’ve not boated a fjord).
We finally left our fair country of birth,
Not even dark skies could contain our mirth.

Our first stop was a volcanic island:
We had hopes to find heaps of diamond.
Riches aside, we wanted to meet
The local people, their rulers we’d greet.
We could ask them about their history
And solve our utopia mystery.

But when we arrived, we had a surprise,
For nary a soul was seen by our eyes.
All was silent, but the volcano still roared.
In ten minutes’ time the land was explored.
With nothing more to see at our first stop,
We lifted up anchor and left with a plop.

Gompers was discouraged over this flop,
But Waxlax assured him we still were on top.
We had just begun our noble journey,
And were still ahead in the knowledge tourney.
Kranwinkle said a smart proposition:
We’ll always be moving—that’s our condition.

With a strong wind blowing into our sails
Our sleek ship headed south with the whales.
We floated past dolphins and hungry fish,
To reach a new people was our sole wish.
At last McGee saw land in the distance,
It seemed a reward for our persistence.

We glided up to the white sandy shore.
Wonders, we hoped, were surely in store.
A few tall men wandered out of the jungle;
This first encounter could not be a bungle.
They bowed deep and we returned the gesture,
As we did we ogled at each man’s vesture.

Surely these people must be highly rich,
For both men’s shirts held rubies in each stitch.
Their pants were intertwined with fine gold,
Never had I seen a costume so bold.
But we were not here for their large treasure;
We wished to learn their ways, measure by measure.

What do you know, we were in for a treat;
Their hospitality could not be beat.
We learned that each man represented a tribe
That were complete allies; war was proscribed.
One was the Meexyls, the other the Draznoos.
You can be in both groups, you don’t have to choose.

Gompers asked about their peaceful culture:
What was their secret?  There must be a vulture.
No, was the reply, all here share our love
For the people on Earth, the heavens above.
They told us their stories, we learned them by heart,
But then with tears, we said we must depart.

Gompers et al. found lost cultures of yore;
The Meexyls and Draznoos taught us their lore.
McGee and we hopped from tribe to great tribe,
Lapping up knowledge; their stories we’d scribe.
We learned of the Great, Good, and Bad Wars
(The latter of which took place in Azores).

But did these discoveries aid in our quest
To create a world that’s truly the best?
We knew of great cultures, but they are not us:
They may love others but we just oppress.
Waxlax thought our utopia too ideal,
But Gompers insisted you just need strong zeal.

Gompers McGee went full on for his goal,
But Waxlax and Kranwinkle could not thole
The stresses from traveling the world
While from island to island being hurled.
The pair of adventurers left us one night
With not one word, just a handshake quite tight.

Now it was just ol’ McGee and me,
But my passion ebbed with the tides of the sea.
I loved seeing wonders that covered the Earth,
Yet my energy was now a dearth.
To Gompers McGee, I gave my goodbye,
I left his ship with a tear in my eye.

Whatever happened to this strong, brave soul,
That likened to heroes of past times ol’?
I haven’t seen him since our last adventure,
But I’m sure he started a new venture.
It’s Gompers McGee, you see, after all.
He won’t stop searching; his life can’t be banal.

Perhaps one day he’ll accomplish his goal
Of uniting people in one peaceful role.
Until that day, McGee will not stop,
He’ll explore every hill, look bottom and top.
He is a voyager, an explorer, see,
For that is the life of Gompers McGee.

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